About MedLend

MedLend Medical Missions

What is MedLend?

MedLend is a certified 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization providing free health care services and resources for people in the world's poorest countries, especially for women and children.

MedLend was created in 2000 by Dr. Henry Hamilton and Dr. Ronald Rubenstein  with an original purpose of providing an equipment-lending program for other qualified non-profit health organizations doing overseas medical tours.

Since 2006, MedLend has been organizing Medical tours of its own, called medical missions. MedLend missions are comprised of surgerical teams that travel to developing nations as volunteer medical professionals with all necessary surgical suppplies and equipment in tow.

MedLend also fosters educational opportunities. There is an exchange program for students from the United States as well as host countries.

Additionally MedLend often leaves donations of supplies or equipment with our host hospitals as well as training local medical staff members with new techniques or technologies. These exchanges strenthen the sustainability of local health care systems. This illustrates that MedLend medical missions make lasting contributions by broadening the educational base as well as the capabilities of hospitals in the countries to which we travel.