MedLend Medical Missions

Board of Directors

Founding President: Dr. Henry Hamilton, M.D. Obstetrics & Gynecology

     Dr. Hamilton is a board-certified Obstetrician-Gynecologist practicing in San Mateo, California for over 25 years, specializing in intertility treatment. He has been volunteering on medical missions for 20 years. In 2000, he founded MedLend with the hope of helping to ease the pain associated with the extreme poverty often found in third world nations.

Chief Executive Officer: Keith Loegering

     Keith Loegering has successfully worked in Wealth Management for the past 16 years. Born and raised in Minnesota, he moved to California to pursue his professional career. He is married with two children. In the past, Keith has volunteered in Nicaragua where he helped provide medical and school supplies.

Medical Director: Dr. Tom Margolis, M.D. Urology & Gynecology

     "My first trip to a developing country (Ghana) was during my Pelvic Surgery fellowship in 1992 where I learned to fix vesicovaginal fistulas in young women suffering from Obstetric trauma, it was the best month of my professional life. Since then I knew I had to eventually continue this work but it did not happen till about 15 years later when I was invited to join Henry Hamilton, M.D. on a mission to Lima, Peru. Since then I have returned to Peru two more times and Uganda two times. I have recommitted myself to regular mission trips as I find that I can help serve the poor and teach (as well as learn from) colleagues in other countries as we all strive to care for patients with surgically correctible problems that, once repaired, can either save or at least improve the quality of their lives." - Dr. Tom Margolis

Fundraising Chair: Wells Hamilton

     Mrs. Hamilton has been much more than the wife of MedLend founder, Dr. Henry Hamilton. She has also been intensely involved with charity work throughout her life. She has served the Junior League, St. Paul's Church, the board for St. Matthew's Episcopal School, Edgewood, and the Children's Center. She has also held several leadership positions including Auction Chair and President of the Family Service Auxiliary. Because of her service experience, especially with fundraisers, she has been elected Fundraising Chair for MedLend.

Public Relations: Tamara Brown

     Description coming soon

Grant Manager: Mary Sarracino

     Mary Sarracino came to MedLend with extensive experience with grant and funding management with non-profit organization and is currently responsible for the management of grants and project fund development. Ms. Sarracino also maintains the business integrity of a software consulting firm and manages all aspects of operations including professional consulting services, sales, budget compliance, and overall revenue goals. She majored in Computer Science and attended University of California Berkeley and Diablo Valley College where she also learned to belly dance and tutored students in the fine art of software programming.

Philippines Program Director: Mary Teresa "Maite" Villareal

     Maite is from the Philippines. She has been volunteering to help fundraise for and coordinate the MedLend excursions to the Philippines in partnership with the Philippine Medical Society of Northern California for over 5 years. Recently, she has helped plan and organize the independent medical missions MedLend is now doing there. Her background is in business and financial management.

Peru Program Director: Giuseppina "Pina" Barreto

     Originally from Peru, Pina has helped organize every MedLend medical mission to that country since we started going there in 2006. In fact, she is the inspiration for those trips. Altogether, she has assisted in planning 4 medical missions. She is also the founder of Bridges Puentes Foundation, a non-profit serving non-medical needs of impoverished Peruvians. Additionally, she has 3 years of experience as an Event Coordinator and Office Manager for St. Patrick's Seminary & University. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Library and Information Systems from the Universidad Católica del Perú.

Executive Administrator: Page Hamilton

     Page studied International Studies on the Law tract and Creative Writing at the University of Denver while working in the Computer Access and Support Lab and as a nanny. She was Vice President of Scholarship at Alpha Gamma Delta, and was a performer with an arts non-profit before college. Her responsabilities at MedLend include helping with fundraisers, keeping the books, editing MedLend Shares Newsletter, and helping to manage marketing as well as outreach programs. In addition to her work with MedLend, she has also served as President of the Belay Club, a support group for students with disabilities. Since her college years, she has taken Continuing Studies classes at Stanford University along the Non-Profit Management and International Business tracts. Most of all, Page is proud to be Dr. Hamilton's daughter. She most admires the commitment and dedication he exhibits towards his patients, both at home and abroad as well as his generosity towards his employees regarding the development of their individual educations.