MedLend Medical Missions


Dr. Henry Hamilton, M.D. and Dr. Ronald Rubenstein, M.D. are medical doctors in the San Francisco Bay Area. They volunteered repeatedly with other groups similar to MedLend. During those travels, they noticed a distinct lack of mobile medical equipment and decided to step in to fill the void.

Dr. Hamilton began procuring medical machinery specifically to loan at limited shipping costs to other qualified non-profits doing medical missions. By 2006 MedLend had grown enough to start producing surgical and medical missions of its own.

Since then, MedLend has performed over 11 successful medical missions in 6 countries: The Philippines, Peru, India, Guatemala, Tonga, and Uganda. MedLend teams have helped over 300 patients by saving or improving their lives. We could not do it without supporters like you. On behalf of those patients, and the thousands we hope to help in the future, we thank you.