MedLend Medical Missions


During a 2006 MedLend mission to India one patient, sitting with her daughter after surgery remarks, “Of course I am happy now. I am well."

Her daughter then adds, “All our worries are gone, thanks to your blessings.”

When most people envision India, they may think of Bollywood movies or lavish postcard images of the Taj Mahal. The country definitely has a lot to be proud of besides those accomplishments. Recent growth of industries such as telecommunications, pharmaceuticals, information technology, and business process outsourcing has made India an emerging economic powerhouse. However, the country still faces intimidating health challenges, such as maternal and child malnutrition.

Large health problems still exist, due to the scarcity of medical resources outside of major cities. Some, more industrialized regions have access to government health care programs, but many do not, especially in rural areas. This is the India your support has reached out to help through MedLend donations.

The most recent MedLend mission to India took place in the Provincial Hospital of Hardoi. It was sponsored by the local Red Cross. The hospital is located in the Province of Uttar Pradesh, 3 hours by dirt road northwest from Lucknow. Uttar Pradesh has the highest rate of poverty of all the states in India.

MedLend sent 3 Obstetrician-Gynecologists, 1 Plastic Surgeon, and 1 Gynecologist. Overall, there were 50 surgeries for women, including myomectomies, hysterectomies, and removals of ovarian cysts. There were also 75 surgeries done for children. An estimated 200 additional patients were also served with a screening. For some, it was their only hope of seeing a medical professional.

*You can experience highlights from this mission. Copies of a ‘Making A Difference’, an 8-minute film about the MedLend surgical tour in India, are available in limited supply, for mature audiences only. To order one, please contact MedLend. Thank you.