MedLend Medical Missions

How And Where We Help

Currently, MedLend produces 3 - 4 short-term surgical missions to developing nations per year. Each mission lasts 5-10 days. Within that time frame, at least 180 patients can receive clinic care. 60 – 120 patients can receive surgical care, depending on the size of the mission. Mission size ranges from 6 – 26 volunteers. They are kept small in order to stay streamlined and efficient. Each destination MedLend serves faces unique challenges. Patient’s lives are as varied as their cultures, countries, and regions.

MedLend tends to focus on surgeries for women and children. We hope to expand, but expanding services means procuring different types of equipment, and more of it. We cannot do that without your donations. Another goal is to reach more of the world's needy by producing at least 6 medical missions per year instead of only 3-4. Again, this cannot happen without public support.

To date, MedLend has done missions to: the Philippines, Peru, India, Guatemala, Tonga, and Uganda. Additionally, equipment and supplies we have procured have been used in medical missions to Brazil, El Salvador, and Venezuela. We have served thousands of patients in tens of towns. These successes would not be possible without support from donors like you. Thank you. Our patients appreciate your donations more than you know.

*As of September 2010, MedLend has 2 missions planned for the Fall/Winter mission season; 1 to Uganda and 1 to the Philippines. Read more about them by clicking the links above left.