MedLend Medical Missions


"One patient, interviewed on film, broke out in tears as she spoke, 'I had an ultrasound test done, then I was advised to get an operation… I have no source of income and no caretaker. I have been kicked out of my husband’s house.' This patient was suffering from extra blood loss due to endometriosis. She needed a simple 20-minute procedure. Once that was done, she was allowed to return to her family and continue caring for her children." - Dr. Henry Hamilton, MedLend Founder

"One of my favorite moments on a MedLend mission happened in Huancavelica, Peru. I was watching volunteer nurse Ruhiyyih Maghzi recieve a hug from a post-operative patient who had recieved tumor-removal surgery. As Ruhiyyih wheeled the patient out of the operating room, the patient looked up at her saying, 'Thank you. Thank you all.' The woman had tears in her eyes, but you could tell they were tears of relief. Though her words were sparse, they carried the weight of the hug with them. You could almost see the energy of the woman transfer like the weight of the world in that hug. There was an overwhelming sense of relaxation that followed as the patient then laid genetly back on her stretcher. I felt lucky to get to witness the special moment between them." - Page Hamilton, MedLend Executive Administrator

One patient’s daughter gave the MedLend volunteers a letter during a mission to Bayombong, Philippines, after her mother had received tumor removal surgery. The letter says:

To Doctor Hamilton and His Medical Group,
In Behalf of all the persons whom you had helped during this mission, I & my family would like to express our sincerest gratitude for all the help and support that you and your group had given us.

You removed something from them but you have added hope not only to them but also to their families.

I had always encouraged my mother to seek consultation and treatment but she didn’t like to do so most especially when she thinks of the expenses for her treatment – we might not afford it.

We thought this operation would never happen. We are very fortunate that there are persons like you.

Thank you very much and we hope that the lord would bless you and your families a hundredfold. We would never forget you. You really had touched the lives of each one of us.

From A Patient’s Daughter

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