MedLend Medical Missions

What Makes A Great Volunteer?

Medical Professionals

MedLend volunteers include board-certified doctors currently practicing in the United States, licensed nurses, and professional technician staff members. None of them get paid for medical mission work. In fact they take their vacation time to volunteer and everybody pays out of their own pocket to cover the cost of their travel tickets. If you think you may be willing to volunteer as a MedLend medical professional, please contact us by e-mailing: info@medlend.org and request an application.

Medical professionals are not the only volunteers we accept, however. If you are a student interested in the medical profession, or would be willing to volunteer as a support staff member, you can e-mail: info@medlend.org to learn more. These spots are limited, since missions tend to be kept small and streamlined.

All of you must bring a "can-do" attitude on board. Every mission is different, and each location presents unique challenges. It helps to be willing to go with the flow, taking on extra assignments, even if it is not your specialty.

*Please understand that our first priority is always to our patients, and putting a team together that best serves patient interests is why we are here.